Over the past several years we have been donating prints to a wide range of organizations including Special Olympics, domestic violence outreach centers, art museums, wild life habitats, cancer patients, Meals on Wheels, Wounded Warrior, Doctors Without Borders, and many more. Our prints have helped raise a total of over $28,000.00 for a variety of organizations.

Please send me an email from the "about/contact link" if you would like more information on using this service for your organization or charity event, or to donate to a charity by purchasing a print.

COmmissioned work


I have done many commissioned and public art montage pieces for private collectors, Universities, Public Schools, and Medical Facilities.

Please send me an email from the "about/contact link" at the top of the page if you would be interested in having me create a piece for you or your company.

PhotoMontage artist

  “Photography has traditionally been used for its mimetic nature - for capturing what already exists. As an artist, I use a camera like a pencil to create new environments. Using photographs as elements in montage -- I distort, manipulate and reinterpret shapes, colors, and light, to create new realities. Through this process, I visually communicate the imagery and concepts I develop in my mind.”.


When we are doing a print auction, we will post the image and the purchasing information here.

If you win the auction, you can donate by clicking the link below.

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