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Clint Saunders © 2015

Harmony in Chaos

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Harmony in Chaos
Subconscious Imagery in the ADHD mind

Having ADHD, my mind is often like a TV tuned into 50 different stations at once. Random thoughts, ideas and imagery run through my head at a rapid rate. Some
of the images stick in my mind, captivate me, and force me to study them further. From these images come project ideas, concepts, and series' of images that I
write down, record and often create.

Free association as a method of creating art has always intrigued me. Much the same as how surrealism and collages have always captivated and inspired me.

Each week I will begin a free association exercise in which I will create a collage out of randomly selected images from my new and archived photographs. Every
collage will become a unique exploration of form and narrative as I use free association to create surrealistic pieces in which I delve into my subconscious imagery.

This series is printed as 20x30 inch prints on textured fine art paper and framed in 30x40 inch frames. This series is a work in progress, each week a new piece is
added, and often pieces are removed.  Please contact me to view updated images.