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Geometric Dance

Dance is about creativity and expression through movement. When photographing dance, I am confronted with the challenges of the medium in that photography freezes the motion into a single still image that is unable to fully show the beauty, grace, and expression of the movement of dance.

Vorticism was a British art movement born of Cubism and Futurism. Vorticism uses a series of interlocking planes of color, line, and disrupted perspective to create plasticity, refocusing, and a whirlwind of movement around a static center.

My intent is to use digital montage as a means of creating in a Vorticism style in order to add a sense of beauty, expression, and movement to what would otherwise be singular, frozen images of dancers.



When using free association while creating, I always see faces. When looking at clouds, wood grain, floor patterns, tiles, or any miscellaneous texture or pattern, I tend to see faces in the shadows and patterns. This series was created with the intent of placing faces into those textures and patterns.  The images were created entirely through the lens with no digital manipulation by using long exposures and having the models hold still, then move, and then hold still again, and by having the models move while popping multiple flashes during the exposure in order to create the ghostly look of the faces and allow the textures to come through the background.

Form In Motion

When thinking of formal studies, there is no form more beautiful and expressive than the human form, particularly the human form involved in something expressive like dance.

 A large part of the beauty of dance is the motion and fluid movements that make up the dance.

This series uses extruded time to capture the graceful, fluid movements, and flash to freeze time and capture the poses and jumps. The series is photographed entirely through the lens with no digital manipulation.

Clint Saunders © 2015

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