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Random Topic

PhotoMontage artist

Clint Saunders © 2015

Random Topic

These are works that don't necessarily fit into a series of images.

I often create using automatism. Automatism is a surrealistic process in which artists attempt to study images and ideas from the subconscious.

Images often and randomly "pop" into my head. I never know when they are coming, or what they will be.  As such, I carry notebooks everywhere. I have notebooks in my computer bag, camera bag, all my vehicles, on my night stand by my bed, and in my office.

When an image or concept "pops" into my head, I quickly write it down and do a basic sketch of it. When time permits, I go through my notebook and create the images.

Each of the images in this series has it's own independent concept, however i will not list them here. Hopefully you can figure it out from looking at the image and reading the title.